Simple and Easy Diabetic Recipes

Having diabetes does not have to take over your life, it just makes you healthier, it forces you to do the things you should be doing in the first place. Like eating vegetables, going to sleep on time and taking regular exercise.

When you were first diagnosed you may remember having seen a nutritionist who will have told you almost everything there is to know about getting a balanced diet, everything you will have learnt in health class many years ago. It is important to remember that discoveries about food and health are almost constantly being made and therefore it is necessary to see your nutritionist at least every three years, if not more. It is also recommended that you keep a food diary for two weeks per every six months. This way you can keep tabs on what you are actually eating, rather than what you think you are eating (and yes there is a big difference.)

\"diabetic Recipes\"

There are a few tips that can be imparted to you, from me an 8-year, post teenage, insulin pump user diabetic. Throughout the years I have come to learn many things, but here are the most important things to remember about your diet, and if you stick to these you will notice a huge improvement in your overall health as well as your levels.

Simple and Easy Diabetic Recipes

1. Cut down on carbohydrates. I cannot tell you just how much this will effect your health. If you make your meals mostly vegetables and proteins, and very little carbohydrates then your levels will not have enough chance to go too badly. This is also giving your body more essential nutrients and minerals that you can only get from more vegetables and essential proteins.

2. Start the day with oats. You have probably heard about the GI diet, if you have not then make sure that you find out more information, as many people have found this really helpful. Oats are a low GI way to start the day, this means that the energy from the oats will last you a long time instead of coming in one short burst. It also means you won't be as hungry throughout the day.

3. Cut out alcohol. Is it really worth it? Alcohol plays havoc with your systems, and for diabetics it really is not worth the hassle. Having one cocktail can make your levels go up really high because of the hidden sugar content, and then plummet because this is the alcohols effect. It really is not worth it, have just a glass of red wine or a diet coke or a water if you are going out.

4. Switch to dark chocolate. This will be a huge difference, not only are you feeding yourself dramatically less sugar, but also you are eating more anti-oxidants and nutrients which are present in higher cocoa content chocolate.

5. Cook from fresh. Then you know whats in it. Does one of those funny words on the pack mean a complex sugar? This increases your awareness of what you actually eat in prepared meals, and cooking it takes some great energy that will help keep your levels in check.

6. No white flour. White flour is very high GI, whereas wholemeal varieties (of anything, rice, pasta or bread) are a low to medium GI which is so much better for you. These varieties are usually the more natural varieties and sometimes organic which has added extra benefits.

Simple and Easy Diabetic Recipes

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This article was submitted by Alissa Carter. Find diabetes information at Juvenile Diabetes Blog.