Breakfast For Diabetics - The Importance of a Good Start

Creating Healthy Breakfasts for Diabetics

Finding a healthy breakfast for diabetics can be a bit of a problem. Most type 2 diabetics have lived on either highly refined breakfast foods such as cereals, bagels or donuts, or saturated fat laden bacon, hash browns and eggs. Many people find it difficult to find the time to change their ways in the morning making the coffee and donut habit hard to break. Even worse some people will simply not eat breakfast at all but will grab their coffee and run, for someone with diabetes this is as bad as eating a donut.

\"Breakfast For Diabetics\"

It is essential for the diabetic that desires to be as healthy as possible to find alternatives that will not only fit their lifestyle, but will fuel them properly in a way that will help keep their blood sugar on an even keel. When trying to find a healthy breakfast for diabetics, looking for foods that have plenty of fiber, and will digest slowly is important especially for someone who may not eat again till lunch time.

Breakfast For Diabetics - The Importance of a Good Start

Many of the same foods you eat now can be still be eaten for breakfast with some modifications. All grain products should be whole grain, and portion sizes should be carefully adhered to. One of the big concerns for diabetics is that breakfasts tend to be carbohydrate laden causing blood sugar instability later in the morning. By limiting your portion sizes and adding in some protein you can make a healthy breakfast. For diabetics adding in some yogurt, milk or an egg will help to keep your blood glucose stable for a longer period of time.

You can also add some fresh fruit to your morning meal, berries or an apple are good choices, they are not high in carbohydrates and have plenty of fiber, all of which will help to balance your breakfast out for the best control of blood glucose levels.  A balance of carbohydrates, fiber and protein makes a great breakfast for diabetics that should get you off to a good start on your day.

Breakfast is an important meal, and should not be missed or not given its proper due. Diabetics will find that a well balanced breakfast will make the rest of their day go much smoother.

Breakfast For Diabetics - The Importance of a Good Start

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